The Final Cardiology Visit

Went to Lana's cardiologist today and it went like this...

Dr.Burkholder: I got some bad news
Me: (blank look on my face but my heart is sinking)
Dr.Burkholder: I'll never get to see you guys ever again... (sad look on his face)
Me: (I look at the floor just to make sure I didn't pee in my pants)

After taking her EKG and ECHO he says there is no reason to keep seeing him. It's as if nothing ever happened. 

During this visit, the cardiologist also had a resident present with him. He explained to him that Lana was the sickest baby he has ever had to take care of in his career. He proceeded to mention that there was a point where Lana was so sick and her pulmonary hypertension so high that her ventricle would barely quiver instead of closing completely to pump blood. He finally disclosed to us that she had a 90% mortality rate and he was in the process of recommending palliative care. This was the point where the goosebumps came and shivers went down my spine. 

She fought her way out of that hole and there are no traces of any damage to her heart. God is good. 

Side note: Apparently she broke the record in his office for having the most ECHOs taken. 

 Taken after she was finally done crying from getting her EKG and ECHO completed.

Taken after she was finally done crying from getting her EKG and ECHO completed.

Sleep Study

Lana went in for a sleep study last night. They wanted to see how she is breathing when she is sleeping, and they also check for brain activity.


Lana was actually fine when they were attaching the leads on her. But when they put on the hat to keep it in place, she wasn't a happy camper. When she finally settled down, this was how she looked like.

She actually slept pretty soundly, but we'll have to wait for the results to come back. 

As far as weight gain is concerned, we think we've finally found something that works. She did lose some weight since her discharge but is starting to feed better now. We hope that she will start to trend upwards soon.

Lana has been working on her strength during tummy time. Hopefully she can start learning to pick up her head and possibly start rolling side to side.

We were watching some television next to Lana and we noticed that she figured out how to rock herself. =)

 Progeny #1 & Progeny #2 watching TV together.

Progeny #1 & Progeny #2 watching TV together.